Five Straightforward Tips for Packing Light and Travelling Easy

Gone are the days when you took whatever you wanted with you on your travels. If you are travelling by air, you have to pack lightly because there are fees for checked baggage. If you don’t pack light, you will have to pay higher fees which will not be feasible for you. So, it is necessary to pack as lightly as you can in order to save money and also avoid the tussle of carrying heavy luggage bags. Nowadays, people are taking only carry-on luggage to take their essentials on a flight whenever they can, especially when not travelling internationally. It’s because having only carry-on luggage removes the risk of lost luggage and also saves money, because there are no fees associated with it. While it is a good idea to only have them on your travels; it’s not always possible. You will need to have checked luggage sometimes, depending upon the situation. Luggage on Tour will recommend the right luggage for every kind of travelling, but packing light is still a good idea.

  1. Make a Packing List

    First of all, you should make a packing list of what you think you will need on your travel. Try to keep it as short as possible and when you are packing, only pack the absolutely necessary things from the list. For example, three pairs of shoes aren’t really needed, just an all-purpose pair of shoes will suffice or just two pairs are enough. Don’t forget that you are wearing one pair of shoes when you are at the airport. Read the next tips in order to narrow down your list more.

  2. Mix, Match and Layer

    luggage123Clothes are the main problem for many people and they take up a lot of space in the luggage. You can go many days with a fresh look every day if you pick a specific color palette that matches every other clothes. For example, if you have three pairs of jeans and shirts, you can spend nine days with a new outfit every day when you mix them. The other thing that is worth considering, is to layer your clothes instead of taking bulky jackets or coats with you. Layering will give you more outfit choices and reduce your luggage weight. If you really want to take a jacket or coat, then wear it when you go to the airport.

  3. Detergents Will Help

    Of course, you can’t spend a long time with just three pairs of jeans and shirts; you will have to do the laundry. If you are on a long travel, then it’s a great idea to keep a suitable amount of detergents with you for doing the laundry. You can spare some time for doing the laundry yourself at night. This way, you will be able to spend a long trip with a little amount of clothes.

  4. Minimum Toiletries

    You don’t really have to take all the toiletries with you; try to keep them at the minimum level possible. You will be wasting precious space in your bag if you are having a lot of toiletries because you can always buy these things wherever you go. Just keep the basics and if you need anything, buy it from wherever you want.

  5. Electronic Stuff

    If you need stuff for entertainment, then your smartphone will do the job. No need to keep a lot of things such as books, DVD players, laptop etc. If something is absolutely necessary, such as a laptop for work, then you will definitely have to keep it. They will occupy some space, but if you think it’s worth it, then take them.