How to Be a Great Mom and a Career Woman at the Same Time

There used to be a time when women remain at home, caring for the kids and the house while their husbands work day in and day out. Because times have changed, women too can be great homeworkers without sacrificing their dreams of a great career. So how exactly do you do it? How can you care for a growing child, make sure you look great every day and your home is in order while working from 9 to 5. Don’t worry, it is possible!

It’s All About Time Management

Time management is the key when you want to be capable of handling everything on top of being a wife and a mother. Things don’t come easy and we only have 24 hours a day. To be able to make things happen, you need to have a strict schedule. If your friends ask you to have a couple of drinks in a bar after work, you can’t always say yes. Someone’s waiting for dinner and tucking in at home. You have to be disciplined and responsible enough to know your priorities. Write down your daily schedule from Monday to Sunday and make sure you follow through.

Learn How to Designate Tasks

D-Link Wireless Dayt Network Surveillance CameraYou have to realize that you can’t handle everything on your own. If your children are already old enough, assign chores that they can handle so they can give you a hand when needed. Your husband should have an equal amount of household chores too. Both of you have careers and if you have a division of tasks, you will be able to help each other.

You also need to weigh things whether hiring a babysitter or bringing a toddler to a day care center will be more practical for you. If you’re worrying too much about your home and your child’s safety while you’re away, you don’t have to worry because there is nothing a good security system won’t fix. You can also place a security camera inside your home. There are security cameras that can be monitored remotely so that you can check what’s going on anytime of the day.

Take Time for Yourself Too

Sometimes, mothers tend to give their all to their family. The problem with this is that there some moms who forget to give time to themselves too. You may be a wife and a mother but you still have your own individuality. You have to remember that in order for you to truly love someone, you have to love yourself too.

Take time for your hobbies and go out with your friends every once in a while. While a tight schedule of going to the office and back home on the daily is understandable, you need to find time at least once a week or even a month for yourself. Go to the gym, watch a movie, go on a date with your husband or have fun with friends. You can even schedule a once a month trip to the salon as your alone time. This way, your life will be fully balanced and you will be successful in becoming both a great mother, wife and a career woman.