Benefits of Certification

The following is a list of benefits enjoyed by companies that are certified by the Alliance as ethical recruiters. Download the benefits of certification.

1. Affirm your organization’s commitment to ethical, responsible, and transparent recruitment practices and corporate social responsibility

According to a study conducted by Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG), one of every three of the top performing American businesses report publicly on their efforts to conduct their activities in a socially responsible manner. Recruiting agencies can enhance their organization's image of professionalism, integrity, and credibility by becoming a certified ethical recruiter. Earning this status demonstrates a commitment to self-regulation and recognition of the economic benefits that stem from conducting business within a framework of social responsibility.

2. Gain recognition among a wide range of stakeholders

The Alliance’s Voluntary Code of Ethical Conduct for the Recruitment of Foreign-Educated Health Professionals to the United States (Code) is a first of its kind agreement drafted by a diverse group of stakeholders. Certified Ethical Recruiters (CERs) that adhere to the Code are recognized among the 26 leading organizations that helped to create the Code and the 30 U.S. and international organizations that have endorsed the Code.

3. Serve as an industry leader by engaging in our monitoring process

While many companies have their own internal code of ethics, the Alliance Code is difference because it has an independent third party verification system.

4. Improve the quality of recruitment and client confidence in your organization

Active monitoring allows you to continually receive feedback on the quality of the recruitment process. CERs can use this information to further improve their practices, giving them a competitive edge in the market. Better quality recruitment practices could lead to higher job satisfaction which is a key factor in reducing turnover rates (Currie and Hill 2012) and equates to cost-savings for the health care facility.

5. Increase global exposure of your business

The Alliance regularly visits sending countries to engage directly with partner organizations and health professionals in the recruitment process and disseminate outreach materials to universities, review centers, and other locations. Your organization will be included on promotional materials that list certified ethical recruiters and are disseminated worldwide.

In 2012, the Alliance conducted outreach and dissemination in:

  • Kingston, Jamaica – Jan 2012
  • Manila, Philippines – Jan 2012
  • Manila, Davao City, and Cebu City, Philippines – July 2012
  • Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico – July 2012
  • New Delhi and Kerala, India – November 2012
  • Manila, Philippines – December 2012

6. Gain access to other benefits

Use your log-in to access other benefits developed solely for certified ethical recruiters, such as use of the Alliance Certification Seal.