Monitoring Program Overview

Organizations applying for certification must fully participate in the Alliance Survey Monitoring Program as part of the certification process.

Applicants demonstrate full participation by following these simple steps:

  • Your organization sends an email, provided by and copied to the Alliance, to every health professional in your recruitment pipeline. This email serves to notify health professionals that you have applied for Alliance Certification.
  • The Alliance utilizes this email to register health professionals for the survey and to document your full participation in the Monitoring Program.

Mechanisms for Monitoring Recruitment Activity

The Alliance Survey Monitoring Program

Alliance certification is only meaningful if organizations are monitored for continued compliance with the Code. Alliance surveys are the primary method to achieve this goal.

The Alliance uses a two part survey to be completed by health professionals who are currently moving through the recruitment process.

  • Part 1 is completed at the time of contracting and
  • Part 2 is completed after the health professional has begun working for their U.S. employer.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to the Alliance, and as such, all survey responses will be kept completely confidential.  

Survey responses that suggest a certified organization may be in non-compliance with the Code serve as the basis for initiating an inquiry and, when necessary, mediation and remediation processes.

Certified Ethical Recruiters (CERs) are required to:

  • Send a standardized email, provided by and copied to the Alliance, notifying all health professionals in your recruitment pipeline that you are certified and they are eligible to particiapte in the monitoring surveys.
  • The Alliance utilizes this email to register health professionals for the survey and to document your full participation in the Monitoring Program.

Once the Alliance has registered health professionals for the survey, the system will generate an email inviting the health professional to begin Part I of the survey immediately and they will be prompted to complete the 2nd part of the survey via a secure link sent by the Alliance at appropriate intervals.

Open Reports on Industry Practices

The Alliance encourages all recruited health professionals to share their experiences with us, regardless of whether the company that recruited them is a subscriber. Recruited health professionals may also request a survey on our Web site.   

The Alliance also accepts secure and confidential “open reports” from any interested party. Any person may provide, in their own words, a report on recruitment practices they have experienced or observed and confidentially submit this information via the Alliance Web site. 

Resolving Reports of Non-Compliance

As part of our mission, the Alliance encourages all CERs to contract with other organizations that have also been certified. We recognize that organizations engaging in international recruitment often partner with multiple entities, both in the United States and abroad. Therefore recruitment activities of certified companies are only monitored insofar as they relate to the provisions of the Code.

Certified Companies

The Alliance only investigates and addresses reports of non-compliance related to the Code. Activities that are outside the scope of the Code are not monitored. Certified companies are not held accountable for parts of the recruitment process they did not facilitate directly.

The Alliance investigates all credible reports of non-compliance. Reports of non-compliance are validated by speaking directly with the individual who provides the information and reviewing all other potential sources of data. Certified companies will participate in mediation and/or remediation to address compliance issues that arise. If companies fail to maintain compliance with the Code, they may be de-listed.

As a rule, the Alliance compiles information provided by surveyed health professionals in a way that does not identify them. Therefore, the Alliance requires the express consent of individuals who provide information in order to disclose their identity during the mediation and/or remediation process.

Non-Certified Companies

For reports concerning organizations that are not certified, the Alliance may provide the party filing the report with contacts and information on resources available to them. In addition, the Alliance contacts the non-certified organization with information about the Code, steps they can take to become compliant with the Code, and information on becoming certified by the Alliance.