Report Your Experience

The Alliance values all direct information concerning the recruitment experience of foreign-educated health professionals. Reporting your experiences, both positive and negative, allows the Alliance to develop programs and provide information to all parties invested in ethical, responsible, and transparent recruitment.

For reports involving Certified Subscribers, the Alliance will follow its normal compliance policies. If a report involves a non-subscribing organization, they will be notified that a report has been submitted and invited to subscribe to the Code.

The Alliance Survey Monitoring Program

The Alliance has developed a three part confidential survey to be completed by health professionals who have been through or are currently moving through the recruitment process. This series of surveys was designed to catalogue recruitment experiences beginning with contracting in a nurse's home country and ending after being successfully placed and working in the United States.   


Open Reporting

The Alliance will also accept “open reports” via a portal on the Alliance Web site. Newly recruited FEHPs, existing foreign-educated health care workers, Alliance subscribers, and other industry participants may visit the Web site and submit secure and confidential comments on recruitment practices they have experienced or observed.




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