Alliance Elects Carol Bellamy Chair of its Board of Directors

Washington, DC – Carol Bellamy, current Chair of the Education for All Fast Track Initiative and former Executive Director of UNICEF and Director of the Peace Corps, has been named Chair of the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices (Alliance), effective February 18, 2011. She succeeds Interim Chair Dr. Patricia Pittman, who was the founding chair of the Alliance, and will continue on in an Executive Director capacity.

“I’m very excited to be able to join the Alliance at this stage in its development” said Bellamy. “The Board itself is comprised of remarkably divergent interest groups who have come together to create real momentum behind the idea that oversight is needed to ensure fair immigration, contracts and labor practices. The recruitment of health professionals is a phenomenon that, however significant, has remained largely beneath the social radar and outside the scope of law. The most impressive achievement of this Alliance is the manner in which the organization has been able to engage key stakeholders in consensus driven action against the abuses that have plagued some segments of the recruitment industry.”

The Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices was created in 2009 to ensure recruitment practices of foreign-educated nurses to the United States are ethical, responsible, and transparent. Its work is based on the Voluntary Code of Conduct for the Ethical Recruitment of Foreign-Educated Nurses to the United States ( that was developed in 2008 by a multi-stakeholder task force. The Alliance encourages employers and recruiters that hire nurses from abroad to subscribe to the Code, and monitors their adherence to its standards of practice.

The Alliance Board of Directors is comprised of 14 members representing six stakeholder groups: unions, professional associations, U.S.-based foreign-educated professional associations, employers, staffing/placement agencies, and certification and licensure bodies. It is funded by the MacArthur Foundation and through donations from participating associations and supporters. It does not accept donations from companies that are eligible to subscribe.

 “It’s a great sign that the pilot program has already yielded its first three subscribing companies and I look forward to overseeing the continued growth of the Alliance’s sphere of influence” Bellamy added. “In the months ahead we will be expanding our presence in source countries and throughout the recruitment pipeline in order to educate as many health professionals as possible with the continuing hopes of changing the industry from all sides.”


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