The Most Hazardous Tools at Construction Sites

Mankind has always been in the struggle of inventing things that makes life easier and better which involves manufacturing of items at such a level that it could have never been possible with just our hands, so we developed tools to assist us in this process. First we came up with tools that were operated with manual human effort which later transformed into what we call power tools today. These tools have revolutionized the way construction and repairs are made and made home maintenance much easier which also gave birth to the do-it-yourself trend. Anything that utilizes electricity and uses a motor instead of human muscle and be regarded as a power tool but the power tools for construction are the ones that can cause immense damage and harm if not used carefully. Power tools are in every home and when comes the time for maintenance and you feel that you can’t deal with some kind of task then hiring a professional is in your best interest because some tasks are better left to the ones who are experienced. Following are the pernicious tools that can be found at construction and maintenance sites.

  1. Power Drill

    Table Saw121It’s a tool used in almost every home, especially in the home of the people who prefer to do most of the tasks themselves. As harmless as a drill can seem when it’s turned off, it can be really dangerous when it’s running. Just think about it, something that drills through the wall will spare you if you come in contact with it? It will just pierce through like you are made of paper so you need to be really careful around this tool.

  2. Ladders

    Ladders may not be classified as power tools but they are still one of the major causes of accidents at construction sites. Ladders tend to get rusted and as they lose strength, they become prone to snapping off resulting in a fall that can cause severe injuries. Even if the ladder is new and it is placed inappropriately, it can slip easily and the person standing over it can face dreadful injuries and if there is someone under it, the damage is doubled. Another possible reason for accidents is the fact that ladders are made up of metals and if any electrical wire touches it, the current will jolt through it and through anyone’s body who is in contact with it.

  3. Table Saw

    Table saws are one of the most useful and frequently used tools that can be found at construction sites for its ability to make finer cuts when compared to other table saws, but this ability comes at the price of the risk that it can also cut through humans. If you don’t have a table saw, you can also fix a standing saw to your work surface, but remember, a simple slip of the hand or foot and you can find yourself in life threatening situations. Therefore it’s imperative to be careful and not to get lost in the accuracy of your work, so you won’t forget how close you are to this perilous tool.