Things to Prioritize Having When Setting Up Your First Home Office

After so many months or years of thinking, preparing, weighing your options and debating with yourself, you have finally come up with enough courage to make a decision to set up your office at home. It may seem like a simple thing to some, but for others, giving up a stable (especially good-paying) job is a very difficult choice to make. Truth be told, there’s no guarantee of success when you’re setting up your home office. Not because you think you are armed with a brilliant idea and good enough skills, you are given a golden ticket to success. You still have a long way to go and you need to work extra hard to ensure that you will have a sustainable business or a long and successful career as a home-based worker.

When setting up office at home, having a laptop or a computer is just not enough. There are several things you need to pay attention to. While it’s understandable that not all start-up home-based workers can afford all the things they need all at once, here are some things that you need to prioritize to make sure that your journey to success is a smooth one.

1. Reliable Internet Connection

You no longer have an IT department to ring each time you are having problems with slow connection. You now have to call your phone or Internet company directly to resolve your issues; and if you don’t have a reliable Internet connection plan and provider, you might end up with slow or no Internet connection for days. And as you probably know by now, hours or days without connection most likely leads to hours and days without income.

2. Designated Working Area

setting-up-your-first-home-officeIf at first you decide to work in your bedroom, living room or dining area, that is perfectly fine. However, as much as possible, designate an area that you can use exclusively for working purposes. Look for space saving tips when you work from home. there is a lot of furniture especially made for little rooms or multi purpose rooms. This allows you to focus and switch to work-mode even when you’re in the comforts of your home.

3. Functional Laptop or Computer

As mentioned, there’s no IT department to come to your rescue when you encounter problems. It is best to have a reliable and functional, frequently updated laptop or computer.

4. Work Desk

A work desk is also essential. Choose one that’s spacious enough for all the items you need for work.

5. Office Chair

The office chair is very important. It will help you stay comfortable even through long hours of work. Furthermore, a good office chair will let you sit straight at your desk and won’t give you back aches even after working the entire day.

6. Efficient Storage System
You now have to maintain your own files and supplies. Keep them organized with efficient storage systems.

7. Proper Lighting System
Care for your eyesight by having a proper lighting system in your work area.

8. Proper Temperature System
Last but definitely not the least, it is best to have a temperature control system in your working area so you can remain comfortable and convenient while at work. If it is frequently warm in your city, then an air-conditioner is essential. When it’s always cold, then it’s best to have a heating system in your home office. If the weather varies, then have both heater and AC readily available.

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