Three Effective Exercises for People with Back Pain

An antediluvian saying states that Health is a wealth that can’t be bought for any price and till this day, that saying stands correct because there is nothing that can make or keep your healthy except your determination and vigilance in this regard which means planning your diet with care and establishing and good workout routine and following it properly is the key to staying healthy and ensuring you spend a great quality of life.
The problem that some of us face thwart us from being persistent and one of the most frequent problem that people face is back pain but just because you have suffered a spine injury or back pain ailment, due to incorrect lifting or sitting during the day. That doesn’t mean you have to give up exercising or your gym membership. People blame exercise for back pain but only a few realize that exercise can actually help you recover from back pain if you focus on the right muscles with the aid of right exercise equipment. Below you will find the exercises you should do and avoid if you suffer back pain.

  1. Weight Machines

    Weight machines mostly focus on your upper body parts and they are perfect for you if you combine it with an exercise that builds up your legs and lower body but if you suffer back pain then you need to avoid lifting free weights because they make your bend which can trigger back pain but using machine which hold your posture firmly so it’ll be good for your back. There are a few machines that you need to avoid which includes a hip abductor which is strenuous on your spine as pull it or squeeze it. Lying leg press is another machine you need to stay away from if you suffer back pain because even though the primary aim of this machine is to work your legs, it puts a lot of load on your back while doing so.

  2. Stationary Bikes

    Fitness Stationary BikesStationary bikes fall under the domain of top three cardiovascular exercise equipment which means it’s something worth exercising on. The trouble that some people face is either back pain or other chronic conditions. At Indoor Training Bikes, you will find different kinds of stationary bikes. Upright exercise bikes are great for the people who suffer ailments like osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis because they have a freedom to lean which helps to relief the pain they feel as a result of these conditions. The other type is the recumbent exercise bike which is perfect for the people that suffer lower back pain since you have a seat to support your back and your posture is such that it reduces the chances of you getting back pain substantially. Even though stationary bike is a great equipment but the drawback is that it only focuses on your lower body which means you will have to do other exercises for upper body.

  3. Ellipticals

    Another one of the top cardiovascular equipment is the elliptical which is eminent among people with back pain as well as joint pain. Ellipticals are not weight bearing which means they don’t strain your body too much while also allowing you to work out and they are versatile in regards of position which means you can focus on different body segments on your lower body but you still need to consolidate this exercise with another workout that focuses on your upper body.